FAQ Topic: Tags

The SWM tag is specially designed to withstand a wine cellar environment (Humidity, temperature, condensation, etc.). Generic NFC tags do not necessarily work well in this environment and some are made very poorly and won’t read reliably.

Why can’t I use any NFC tag?

A number of different tags are provided to allow you to use the application in whatever way works best for you. QR tags are perfect for those that don’t have NFC capable phones NFC tags are perfect for those that have NFC phones and don’t want the size of the […]

Why do you have different tags?

Below are some tips on scanning a SWM QR tag. For a SWM NFC capable tag, all you need to do is tap the tag in order to read it. Always scan the tag in a well lit area Hold the scanner two to three inches from the tag and […]

Tag Scanning tips

If you are using a SWM NFC tag or SWM Ultimate tag then you can place the tag anywhere you would like. However, you should still follow the general guidelines below to protect the tag from getting damaged. SWM QR tags are much easier to use than barcodes, but there […]

Where should I place my SWM tag?

There are several reasons why SWM tags are far superior than barcodes: Barcodes are difficult to scan due to the curvature of a bottle Barcodes carry only a limited amount of information and may not properly identify an individual bottle Many wine producers recycle barcodes and therefore you aren’t guaranteed […]

How are SWM Tags better than barcodes?

Tags are stickers that you place on specific wine bottles that make it easy for you to find them in the SWM application. You simply scan or tap the tag to pull up the entry in the SWM application. From there you can quickly mark the bottle as consumed, edit […]

What are Supreme Wine Manager Tags?