SWM Screens

Supreme Wine Manager is exceptionally easy to use! However, sometimes when you have had a few drinks too many, you might need some help with the screens. Luckily each screen in SWM has a handy help option which will quickly get you back to using the application.

For those who haven’t yet installed the application, or those who want to learn a bit more about each screen, more information on each screen is below.

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Main Screen


The main screen is really just a convenient entry point to the application where you can quickly take some common actions.

  • Add new wine and bottles – Allows you to add a new wine entry and immediately create cellar bottle entries as well.
  • Add new wine and wish – Allows you to add a new wine entry and immediately create a wish entry as well.
  • Add new wine entry – As you would imagine, this allows you to add a new wine entry.
  • Scan a bottle – Allows you to immediately scan a bottle tag to retrieve bottle information.
  • View or search wines – Takes you immediately into the wine listings screen.

Tips and Tricks:

  • To bypass this screen in the future, simply check the option in the settings screen and you won’t see the main screen again.
  • If you are using NFC tags there is no need for you to hit the “Scan a bottle” button. All you need to do is hold the bottle/tag next to your device which will immediately recognize it and pull up the bottle information.

Wine Listings Screen


This is the primary SWM screen, where you will spend most of your time. From here you can move between the “My Cellar”, “All Wines”, and “Wish List” listings. The screen allows you to do the following:

  • Swipe between listings by swiping right or left. Alternatively, click on the tabs for each listing.
  • Click on any one of the listings to view the information associated with that entry.
  • Enter text in the box to search for wines. This will search through general wine information as well as the store where you purchased or wished the entry at and where you have stored the bottle (for a cellar entry).
  • To search the internet for a specific bottle, simply enter text into the box and hit the World icon. This will immediately search for a bottle on Snooth for the matching information.
  • The “+” button will behave differently depending on the listing screen you are in as follows:
    • In the “My Cellar” listing, it will allow you to add a new wine entry and add bottles to your cellar at the same time.
    • In the “Wish” listing, it will allow you to add a new wine entry and add a wish entry at the same time.
    • In the “All Wines” listing, it will allow you to add a new wine entry.
  • The filter button will bring up a filter screen allowing you to select a number of different filters for the listings.

Tips and Tricks:

  • You can rapidly scroll through the listings by grabbing the scroll bar that appears and moving it up and down.
  • Both the text search and filter options will apply to all the listings. There is no way to set individual filters for each listing.

View Bottle Screen



Here you can find a consolidated view of bottle information. This particular example shows a Cellar entry and therefore the icons on the bottom include the “Consume/Drink” icon. From here you can:

  • Mark the bottle as consumed
  • Edit the bottle information
  • Delete the bottle
  • Change tags for the bottle (assuming you are using SWM tags)
  • Edit or update tasking notes
  • Share bottle information via Facebook/Twitter/etc.
  • Change bottle ratings

Tips and Tricks:

  • There are many different options available on this screen and, depending on your screen size, you might not see all the icons. Hit the menu key to see the other options.
  • Slide your finger along the rating indicator to change the bottle rating quickly. This is a convenience feature so that you can Drink, Rate, and Add tasking notes all from this screen.

New Bottle Screen


This screen allows you enter bottle information. A similar screen is used when adding a wine entry, cellar entry, or wish entry.

Tips and Tricks

  • Taking a picture of a bottle is a good way to help you identify it. SWM doesn’t attempt to read label information for you as this usually is rather ineffective.
  • The bottle types and sizes that are listed are pre-defined and you cannot add new bottle types or sizes. If you see something missing, please let us know by posting in the Support forums.
  • Only the Vintage, Winery, and Wine name are required. All other fields are optional and can be left blank.

Settings Screen


From this screen you enable some of Supreme Wine Manager’s features and perform some maintenance tasks.

Tips and Tricks

  • Skipping the opening screen is not recommended as you will miss our on the beautiful cellar picture
  • Use of SWM tags is either on or off. You can manually change this setting if you wish to switch between using SWM tags or not. This setting really only impacts the Register a new bottle functionality. You can scan bottles that have tags regardless of this option setting.
  • Cleaning the wine database is only recommended once you notice that the application is slowing down during searching or viewing listings. Once you choose to clean the database, you will delete all unused wine entries.