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As a Dropbox operation might take too long, all operations take place in the background and a notification will be sent to let you know when the operation has completed. Should you have moved to another application or the screen saver kicked in, don’t worry as the Dropbox save/restore is […]

Help: Dropbox status box has disappeared!

The SWM tag is specially designed to withstand a wine cellar environment (Humidity, temperature, condensation, etc.). Generic NFC tags do not necessarily work well in this environment and some are made very poorly and won’t read reliably.

Why can’t I use any NFC tag?

A number of different tags are provided to allow you to use the application in whatever way works best for you. QR tags are perfect for those that don’t have NFC capable phones NFC tags are perfect for those that have NFC phones and don’t want the size of the […]

Why do you have different tags?