Where should I place my SWM tag?

If you are using a SWM NFC tag or SWM Ultimate tag then you can place the tag anywhere you would like. However, you should still follow the general guidelines below to protect the tag from getting damaged.

SWM QR tags are much easier to use than barcodes, but there are still issues with scanning that can be addressed by following these guidelines:

  • Place the tag in the center of the bottle. You can cover the bottle label or, as is recommended, place the tag between the front and back labels.
  • When placing the bottle in your cellar, make sure the tag does not rub against a shelf or another bottle. While the tags are laminated to protect them, they could still get ripped.
  • Be sure that that tag is properly affixed to the bottle by smoothing out all of the corners.

Please also refer to the “Scanning tips” FAQ for more information