There are two versions of Supreme Wine Manager available.


Free – This is an advertising supported version that has the following features removed in addition to showing advertisements:
  • No Dropbox Restore capability. You can only save your database.
  • A limit of 25 bottles in your Cellar and Wish lists.
  • Periodic full screen advertisements
  • Advertising banner at bottom of listings screen and in primary menu
Paid Subscription – This is a paid version of the application using a subscription model which renews every 12 months.

We use a subscription model to help us continue to fund application development. If you chose not to continue to pay for the subscription, your version will revert to a Free version with the limitations described above. Importantly, no bottles will be removed to enforce the 25 bottle limit when you revert to the Free version. You will simply be unable to add any new bottles.

Read more about Supreme Wine Manager features here….


Where to obtain the application