Supreme Wine Manager, or SWM for short, is an application that was primarily developed to help you manage your wine cellar. While many might not think they need help managing their cellar, the truth is that it is just much more fun being able to properly track and rate your wines! SWM also has a broader feature set for the casual user making it an effective wine application without using the advanced features. [ Jump to complete feature list]


Tag it!

Supreme Wine Manager offers a unique approach to wine management through the use of Supreme Wine Manager Tags.

What exactly is the Supreme Wine Manager Tag? It is a tag that allows you to identify a bottle quickly and easily, eliminating the cumbersome method of finding a bottle in your wine application by searching using keywords and then taking some sort of action on it – usually marking the bottle as consumed and entering tasting notes.



Tag Types

There are several different types Supreme Wine Manager tags available for purchase, ranging from the super simple NFC tag to the more mundane QR tag. Here are the different tag types and what features they offer:

    • The SWM Ultimate Tag. This is a reusable NFC tag that you can attach to any bottle and can be used on different bottles as you consume bottles and discard them.


    • The SWM NFC/QR Tag. This is a combination NFC tag and QR tag that can be used with either an NFC capable smart phone or a regular smart phone. This tag is useful for when you believe you might transition to an NFC capable smart phone at some point in the future or move away from an NFC capable smart phone. It provides you with the most flexibility.


    • The SWM NFC Tag. This is an NFC tag that you attach to any bottle and can be used along with an NFC capable smart phone. Simply tap the tag to pull up information on the bottle. Using an NFC tag is much easier that struggling with scanning a QR tag which, while cheaper, is more difficult to scan correctly.


    • The SWM QR Tag. This is a QR tag that can be read by any smart phone via a simple Barcode Scanner application that will be installed if you do not have one. This is the cheapest tag, but also the most problematic. Please see the FAQ for more information.


Complete Feature List

  • Enjoy your wine collection and worry less about maintaining the library!
  • Designed to be completely functional and useful without a network connection
  • Multiple view design to allow you to quickly swipe between your cellar, wish list, or all wines
  • Include a picture of the bottle you are storing
  • Record Vintage, Winery, Wine name, Type of wine (i.e., Red, White, etc.), Size, Drinking window, Rating (1-5), Tasting notes, Whom you tasted with, Store name where bottle was purchased, Price paid, and Storage location of the bottle in your cellar
  • Quickly and easily mark a bottle as consumed
  • Share tasting notes with others via Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Automatically share tasting notes when bottle is marked as consumed
  • Add a bottle to your wish list and record where you found the bottle, bottle price, and who was with you when you found the bottle
  • Multiple filtering options that apply to your cellar, wish list, and complete wine list
  • Search your cellar using keywords to further filter your listing
  • Search for wines on the Internet and automatically save them to your wine list
  • Scan a bottle tag – either a QR tag or NFC tag depending on the type purchased
  • Use the application across multiple devices by sharing the database quickly and easily
  • Help available within every screen


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